Super Gloves Powder Free
• Ambidextrous • Non Sterile • Single Use Only
Latex FreePowder FreeFood Industry
• Small • Medium • Large • Extra Large
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RecycleCESunlightTemparatureWaterAcidic FoodAQL 1.5Age Restriction 2Food IndustryHealthcareIndustryCateringOfficeISO 2016

This product is not suitable
for handling Acidic Food

EN455 1-3 ASTM D 6319-10

Food contact material acc. EC-REG. 1935/2004
Gloves production certified acc. to ISO 9001:2015

Medical examination, food handling and processing, light duty cleaning, hair dyeing, pet care etc. MDD 93/42/EEC Class I medical device.

Store in a cool dry place. Do not store Latex Gloves in places where temperature may rise above 30oC/86oF. To prevent discoloration, opened boxes should not be exposed to direct sunlight or fluorescent light.

Before use, inspect the gloves for any defect or imperfections. After use wearers should visually check the glove and remove any contamination from the outer surface before removing the glove from the hand. Alternatively carefully peel the glove off the hand so that the contaminated outer side of glove does not touch the skin.