Safely preparing food using gloves

All successful stories have an enlightened start; it is where a simple observation may give birth to a brilliant idea; an idea which will lead to a life, full of creativity, innovation and satisfaction.

Satisfaction? Yes!

Because you finally know that your products and services help people all over the world stay healthier and safer.

Several decades ago, at the heart of those 100 – 130 feet rubber trees cultivated in the forests of Asia, starts our own story; and that milky white sap which is extracted from the rubber trees – known as latex – was meant to become our own treasure.

Deeply connected to the Asian culture, we have been using that treasure to make innovative top quality latex gloves.

It is amazing what you can do with rubber.

Rubber trees cultivated in the forests of Asia

Doctor wearing plastic gloves

But what’s more, we feel blessed that during all those years, we have accumulated rich experience and invaluable know-how in the processing of rubber.

It is the combination of unique rubber characteristics with our specialized know-how in processing it that make our products – our rubber gloves – stand out.

As mentioned before, we now know... that our products – our rubber gloves – help people all over the world stay healthier and safer.

GMT Super Gloves




Our mission is to create and deliver excellent products made from rubber and, at the same time, help our clients grow by providing them qualified supportive services throughout the process.



Our vision is to become the trusted partner of businesses all over the world by providing them rubber-based products and services of unparalleled and unquestionable quality.